Hat Shapes and Styles


Hat shapes and styles signify who you are as a cowboy.  The shape of your cowboy hat defines you as a person.  

The Cattlemen:   


 The cattlemen crease is the most basic and oldest crease found on a cowboy hat.
A Cattlemen crease started when ranch owners did not want the look of the rodeo cowboy on their cowboy hat.
These cattlemen wanted a more taller and narrower crown so that when the wind blew and the rain poured these cowboys could pull their cowboy hats down so that it would stay on their head better.

The Cool Hand Luke:

The roughstock cowboy's style.


The Gus Crease:

Old west cowboys liked the "Gus" crease on their cowboy hat because they could grab the narrow part of the crown of their cowboy hat and bow to the ladies.



The Biggs:

 The Biggs | American Hat | Cody's Cowboy hats

The Brick:

The Biggs Hat Crease | American Hats | Cody's Cowboy Hats


The Stockman:


 The Telescope:

The Telescope crease came from the "charros" (Mexican cowboys) who came to Nevada from Mexico and South America for work. The low crown covers your head but stops hot air from accumulating and its wide brim provides sun protection. The Telescope Crease is often known today as The Gambler's Hat.

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