Sponsorship- Cody's Cowboy hats Endorsee Team

Patched by Cody's Cowboy hats.


Roscoe Jarboe- New Plymouth, ID. PRCA Bullrider.  Three-time NFR Qualifier.  Roscoe has been wearing hats from Cody's Cowboy hats since he was about 10 years old.  We are proud to sponsor our hometown cowboy.




Jake Pratt--- Stephenville, TX.  PRCA Calf Roper.  Wrangler NFR Qualifier, 2018.  Purchased his first hat from Cody's Cowboy hats in 2016 at the Pendleton Round-up.  He signed on to endorse for us in September of 2018.  We appreciate all his support . 



Jason Gay----- Reigning Cowhorse Trainer.